The importance of clean parts in the electric car manufacturing industry 


FinnSonic Oy has received the largest ultrasonic cleaning line order in its history. A line worth about 2 million EUR will be delivered in the spring of 2020 for the needs of the German electric car industry. 

Cleaning electric car's parts (illustration image)
Illustration image of electric car parts

“The deal is an important opening for us in the booming electric car industry. Automotive subcontractors have a growing need of this type of solution”, comments Olli-Pekka Arhosuo, Sales Manager.

The Optima ultrasonic cleaning line is used to wash machined profiles, fittings, baseplates and protective plates made of aluminium, which eventually end up in the Porsche J1 and BMW I20 electric cars. During cleaning, machining swarf and machining oils and emulsions are removed from the parts. The parts must be reliably and absolutely cleaned both from the inside and outside. In addition, the multi-stage cleaning process requires careful management of the treatment times. These requirements are better met with our ultrasonic cleaning
solution than with conventional cleaning methods.

FinnSonic has delivered numerous cleaning lines to the automotive industry during its 40-year history. “I am proud that we have again been able to solve customer related challenges in the process. In this project, high capacity and up to 98% utilisation require special attention in design to be taken into account”, says Managing Director Vesa Nurminen, CEO.

FinnSonic Optima

Heavy duty component cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries. Bespoke designs are provided for stringent requirements for cleanliness, material handling and highest volume throughputs. Both manual and fully automatic solutions are available with wide range of options.

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