Sanctions, restrictions and FinnSonic policy


Like the whole world, we at FinnSonic have followed with appall and astonishment at the insanity which has occurred in Europe. Due to Russian aggression and violation against Ukraine FinnSonic is not able to supply anything to Russia or Belarus.

In practice, this means that we do not send any, machines, spare parts, technical support or information to Russia or Belarus.
FinnSonic also expects that our partners will not supply FinnSonic spare parts or machines to these countries.

We have studied our supply chain and its ability to serve us. The supply chain is still suffering from the Covid 19 pandemic, but the Russian aggression does not influence to our supply chain. We do not buy from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and from now on we do not sell to Russia and Belarus. Also we do not use any parts , technology or knowhow in our products or services which origin comes from the above mentioned countries.

I wish you all the best and a return of humanity
Vesa Nurminen
CEO and Chairman of the Board
FinnSonic Oy

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