Cleaning Fiber Spinnerets


Proper cleaning of industrial fiber spinnerets has a significant impact on product quality. However, deciding on a method for maintenance cleaning of the spinnerets can be challenging due to several reasons. Cleaning should remove the toughest impurities from surfaces while treating component surfaces with care. In addition, health and safety are a high priority in process industry.

FinnSonic offers a fast, precise and environmentally friendly cleaning solution with FinnSonic Corus ultrasonic machines. Ultrasonic cleaning is a superior alternative after pyrolysis when compared to other cleaning methods. In a short cleaning cycle, Corus removes even the smallest particles down to micron scale with a water-based and energy-efficient process.

Cleaning fiber spinnerets demanding tasks require advanced technology

Cleaning spinnerets is a demanding task and the traditional process has a number of challenges, including long cleaning time, incomplete cleaning results, high rate of plugged holes and even broken filaments. Ultrasonic cleaning offers a solution to all of these challenges with advanced technology suitable for many needs such as spinneret and spin pack cleaning.

FinnSonic’s ultrasonic technology automatically adapts to varying cleaning conditions and provides maximum power at all times. It is also designed for safe and ergonomic handling of heavy and bulky spin pack components. This includes optimised fixtures and basket handling systems for safe and easy loading, which ensure health and safety during process.

FinnSonic Corus’ robust construction guarantees long lifetime even in demanding use. Automated technology is ideal for continuous industrial production where short cycle time is demanded for high capacity. Even the most complex parts and structures are cleaned thanks to pervasive ultrasonic technique. It cleans even toughest impurities effectively while treating sensitive materials with care.

FinnSonic builds strong partnerships

FinnSonic’s ultrasonic cleaning units are trusted by partners around the world, e.g. Beaulieu International Group. Beaulieu Group’s Idéal Fibres & Fabrics Comines’ production site manufactures high-quality polypropylene and polyamide based textured yarns for applications in the automotive, and commercial and residential building sectors.

FinnSonic has designed and delivered a number of ultrasonic cleaning units for Beaulieu Group’s production sites since 2006. The last two have been bespoke FinnSonic Corus units with washing and rinsing modules with PTM Easy Lift. This combination makes the handling of heavy and thick metal parts operator friendly, safe and ergonomic.

“Over the years, we have built customer trust. We have worked together with our Belgian sales partner, Kemet Europe BV, to find the best solution for our customer. And we are proud to have delivered again a new FinnSonic Corus ultrasonic cleaning line to Comines”, says sales manager Juhana Rikkinen from FinnSonic.

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Designed for both the general industrial maintenance cleaning and for mould and tool cleaning. Corus units cleans even the most demanding parts efficiently and saves working hours, yet still achieving a high level of cleanliness.


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