FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic

Reliability and Fast Production with Lower Costs

Designed specifically for the critical cleaning of Engine Mainshaft Bearings. FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic cleaning system, and its high-quality cleaning process, facilitates a strong and robust Bearing management program. Allowing operators to make accurate decision on Bearing serviceability and rework requirements.

The FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic supports:

  • Consistent, reliable, and repetitive bearing inspection standards through a safe and sustainable process.
  • Reduced cycle times with the lowest costs.
  • Full OEM and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Automated Bearing Cleaning Line

* based on the survey conducted by Daes Group, findings are from over 20 major global engine overhaul facilities.

Engine Mainshaft Bearings cleaning with an automated process

The first dedicated Ultrasonic Bearing Cleaning Line is designed to process bearing components, regardless of design or size, through a 5 stage fully automated washing, cleaning and drying process that allows the bearing components to be accurately inspected to Engine OEM and/or customer requirements.

The FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic process is fully automatic from the loading to unloading; smart process control that allows a selection of process parameters, full process traceability including automatic chemistry analysis and auto adjustment control based on usage. Life of the reworked bearing ranges from 87-99% of the new bearing.

The potential savings from bearing rework varies from 53-82% of the new bearing depending on cost, size and complexity of the bearing.

The advanced Tempo cleaning process allows for more accurate inspections and a 19% increase of Return to Service (no rework required) rates.

Technical details and benefits of ultrasonic cleaning


  • State of the art ultrasonic technology
  • Traceability
  • Repeatability
  • System integrity

Sustainability and safety

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No lifting of bearings
  • Improved work environment

Efficiency and cost reduction

  • Fully Automated
  • Fast Cleaning
  • Energy Efficient
  • SMART- Predictive Maintenance
  • Labor saving Automation
  • Significantly reduces/eliminates rework
  • Faster cycle times
  • Even quality

Industry 4.0 compliant

Benefits of FinnSonic approach to factory 4.0

  • Lower production cost and faster production
  • Better resource efficiency
  • Great product and component traceability
  • Higher quality control

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