FinnSonic Spintec

Top loading, single stage spray washing machines are designed for maintenance cleaning, for washing between different production phases, saving time in parts cleaning and for safe and comfortable working conditions.

  • for maintenance washing at workshops
  • for washing between different production phases
  • for saving time in parts cleaning
  • for safe and comfortable working conditions



Features of FinnSonic Spintec

Working is nicer with clean parts!

Parts cleaning before maintenance or between production phases is often necessary, not only for technical reasons, but also for the operators to feel good at work. FinnSonic Spintec wash machine is the solution for fast parts cleaning. Cleaning in a closed chamber upgrades conditions in the working environment.

FinnSonic Spintec cleaning machine

Parts for washing are loaded into the wash basket from the top of the machine. During the washing the liquid is prayed from under and top of the parts, and also from the sides. The basket is rotating inside the machine, which provides even washing result. Storage tank for the detergent is located on the bottom of the machine, and it is equipped with heating. Water based chemical, heat and pressure spraying create a good washing result together.

Technical details and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

Advantages of FinnSonic Spintec

  • Clean parts fast and efficiently
  • Easy to control with digital operating timer and temperature control
  • Level controller protects the functions from dry run
  • Durable materials: stainless steel chamber, spray pipes, nozzles, pump and valves
  • Safe and ergonomic working environment: lid with gas springs, safet switch and exhaust connection
  • Air gun for drying of the parts and adjustable feet for easy installation, standard in all machines.


  • Removable basket gives more possibilities for material handling in production.
  • Loading trolley for ergonomically moving heavier loads.
  • Heat insulation saves energy in cooler environments.
  • 7-day timer heats the liquid up according to the operation schedules.
  • Closed loop filtration cleans the wash liquid particle free and prolongs wash liquid lifespan time.
  • Oil separator removes free oil from wash liquid and reduces waste liquid volumes. 
  • Automatic refill and detergent dosing ensure consistent cleaning result for longer production series.

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