Automatic single chamber cleaning machine for maintenance cleaning

FinnSonic Sonett

Automatic single chamber cleaning machine for maintenance cleaning

FinnSonic Sonett is a compact multitalented single chamber cleaning machine with an automatic wash – rinse – dry cycle. It cleans particles and soluble contaminants from components using spray, immersion, ultrasonic, basket rotation, hot air and vacuum techniques.

Excellent for bulk materials or complex components with blind holes and small clearances

Features of FinnSonic Sonett cleaning unit

Technical details and benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

A wealth of cleaning techniques in a compact package

  • High cleanliness levels on complex geometries thanks to the diversity / comprehensive array of cleaning techniques.
  • Ease of use and reduced labor input thanks to automatic multistage cleaning cycle.
  • Energy efficiency process thanks to closed chambers and thermal insulation of all tanks and vessels.
  • Basket rotation
    • Full coverage and even distribution of spray and ultrasonic cleaning effect thanks to basket rotation on the horizontal axis.
    • Good contact of cleaning media with parts by eliminating air pockets and minimizes drag over between stages by effective draining of the parts.
  • Vacuum
    • Vacuum can be applied during cleaning for eliminating air pockets and ensuring wash liquid intrusion into blind holes and small clearances.
    • Combination of hot air knife and vacuum provides highly capable and energy efficient drying.

Key applications

  • Applications: Degreasing, particle cleaning
  • Industries: Machinery, automotive, metal products manufacturing
  • Components: Bulk materials, components with complex geometry e.g. blind holes, internal channels, small clearances that benefit from vacuum and/or rotation.

Complementing options

  • Electro polished wash baskets with a range of mesh sizes and lid designs to hold washed parts.
  • Safety bund for added security.
  • Pump enabling drainage of storage tanks to external containers.
  • Oil separator also for rinsing stage to remove any drag over oils.
  • Automatic purge for rinsing stage to maintain consistent rinsing results.
  • Additional rinsing stage with fresh water for residue free rinsing results.
  • Additional rinsing stage with storage tank for upgraded cleaning results and reduced rinse water consumption.


Process stages and functions for automated cleaning cycles

  1. Washing with liquid from storage tank 1
  2. Rinsing with liquid from storage tank 2

Both with:

    • Spray in air
    • Ultrasonic with immersion
    • Spray under immersion
  1. Drying
  • Blowing with hot air knife
  • Vacuum drying
  • Cycle repetition (hot air – vacuum) available
    • Basket rotation or tilting is available for all process stages.
    • Vacuum can be applied during immersion wash and rinse stages.

Technical dataSonett 300
Wash basket inside dimensions, (mm)610 x 430 x 280 (h) n.b. height
depends on selected lid type
External dimensions (mm)2200 x 3350 x 2700 (h)
Load capacity (max kg)110
Wash and rinse storage tanks (l)500 each

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