FinnSonic Optima

Bespoke cleaning process and heavy duty component cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries

Component cleanliness has significant effect in production quality, efficiency and bottom line results. FinnSonic Optima is the top-of-the-line, high performance range of multi stage ultrasonic cleaning lines. FinnSonic Optima offers intelligent, safe and cost effective precision cleaning solution for demanding applications. Bespoke designs are provided for stringent requirements for cleanliness, material handling and highest volume throughputs.

Both manual and fully automatic solutions are available with wide range of options.


Reduces labour costs up to 50%

Applications of the FinnSonic Optima line

Technical details and benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

Main Benefits

  • FinnSonic Genius ultrasonic technology provides a powerful, digitally regulated cleaning effect.
  • Flexible configuration possibilities ensure ideal solution for any cleanliness requirements.
  • Designed with the operator in mind, there are no compromises with safety and high level of ergonomics is ensured.
  • FinnSonic provides the Famous FinnSonic durability and reliability thanks to a service friendly and heavy duty construction.
  • Robust technology ensures equipment with long operating life.
  • Fully automatic lines with an intuitive control system and FinnSonic NetService remote support are designed for your piece of mind.
  • FinnSonic Optima provides a wide range of options to improve process efficiency and to minimize environmental impact.

Main characteristics

  • Flexible construction for building cleaning, rinsing, drying steps and bath maintaining options ensure best operating economy.
    • Tank sizes from 150 liters upwards.
    • Basket size examples: 300 x 400 x 400mm, 400 x 600 x 400mm, 600 x 800 x 600mm, 800 x 1200 x 600mm.
    • Bespoke basket sizes are designed for specific requirements.
    • Load capacity is virtually limitless. Typical loads from 50 kg to 1 ton.
  • High powered ultrasonic technology with Boost, Sweep and automatic tuning technologies.
  • Loading, unloading and transport during process are possible when products are on pallets, rods, baskets or jigs etc.
  • Advanced FinnSonic automation with multi basket operation and options like time critical stages, energy saving program, data collection for quality control or remote control ensure high quality and optimized productivity.
  • Integration to preceding and following production steps is possible.

Flexible configuration for an efficient process

Modular cleaning, rinsing and drying units and options enable a flexible configuration of an efficient process

  • Wash and rinse stages can be fitted with a full range of agitation techniques including ultrasound, jet, sonicjet, basket dunking, air bubbles and spray in the air.
  • Ergonomic line construction with valve adjustments at the front, behind the hinged access doors
  • Drying modules based on recirculating hot air or vacuum technology
  • Additional options: spray on exit, air blast on exit, automatic lids, HEPA filter for the dryer air inlet, special tank material/ construction

Automatic process control – constant quality with ease of operation

Advanced standard features include, for example, an intuitive graphic user interface for easy setting of wash programs, bath temperature monitoring with adjustable tolerances and a Stop &Go mode for circulation pumps.

Optional features include, for example, time critical treatment stage, a custom tank order, an energy saving feature, data logging, batch reporting, basket flagging for automatic program selection, integration to factory systems and FinnSonic NetService for remote support and updates.

Increased capacity with reduced manual input

  • Load capacity of 100, 200, 400 or 1000 kg
  • Heavy duty long service life construction
  • Multi basket processing
  • High level of safety as standard
  • Optional full encapsulation with lighting, access windows and a ventilation connection
  • Additional options: basket tilting

Constant cleaning quality, increased bath life and minimized operating costs

Options include, for example, storage tanks, particle filtration, automatic filter blockage alarm, oil separation, automatic filling and dosing, conductivity/ PH/ turbidity based functions, DI water systems, and waste water treatment.

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