FinnSonic MI-range

Peak performance in precision and maintenance cleaning for industries

Fast and compact solution to industrial parts cleaning needs. Made for demanding maintenance cleaning conditions and heavy use, while easy to operate and maintain.
Made of stainless steel for demanding conditions and heavy use. The heavy-duty ultrasonic cleaners remove hard to shift dirt, stains, and resistant impurities effectively and the ultrasonic power reaches even the smallest and complex blind holes, resulting in excellent cleanliness.


Up to 50 % shorter treatment times

  • Constant maximum performance
  • Automatic measuring of load – frequency and power regulation
  • Energy efficient – fully digital ultrasonic generator
  • Advanced diagnostics – performance monitoring and service capabilities
  • Top level of cleanliness
  • Quick wash process
  • Good ergonomics in manual handling of lightweight items
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Compact design, small footprint


Features of MI-range cleaning units

parts in a row cleaned with ultrasonic

Technical details and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

Wash process

The transducers can be mounted either to the base or to the sides of the tank for optimally targeted, more efficient cleaning. The washing process can be also enhanced with options, thus creating even more cost savings.


Detergent residues are removed from part surface by rinsing. An increased rinsing effect is obtained by air bubble agitation.

Fluid handling

FinnSonic fluid-handling options ensure the desired level of cleanliness and reduce operating costs. Closed loop filtration and oil removal options increase the life of wash and rinse liquids while providing a more consistent cleaning result. Free oil can be skimmed from the surface to a storage tank for oil separation.

FinnSonic maintains a positive awareness of the environment by providing attention to
environmental impacts through the cleaning process.


FinnSonic control system

  • Easy to use V03 control system
  • Maintain an effective work day schedule with 7-day-timer for controlling pre-heating settings.
  • Three memory slots for cleaning pre-sets.
  • Control the maximum temperature during the cleaning process.
  • Temperature interlock ensures that the wash process will not begin before the set temperature is reached.

MI-range model informationM80IM120IM160IM160I 2400
Tank dimensions (mm)540 x 290 x 310 (h)540 x 400 x 360 (h)1110 x 280 x 310 (h)1110 x 280 x 310 (h)
Max load (kg)25354040
Filling volume (liters)80120160160
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz)30303030

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