FinnSonic Corus

General industrial maintenance cleaning and mould & tool cleaning.

Designed for the general industrial maintenance cleaning of complex parts, replacing laborious and abrasive mechanical manual cleaning. FinnSonic Corus units clean even the most demanding parts efficiently, saving working hours, yet still achieving a high level of cleanliness. FinnSonic Corus will reduce manual input, makes operating safe, and moulds & tools serve longer.

40–50% cost savings in mould maintenance


Choose from 3 main modules:

  • FinnSonic Corus standard modules for general maintenance cleaning
  • FinnSonic Corus HD standard modules for mould and tool cleaning
  • FinnSonic Corus X customer tailored modules for maintenance cleaning

Features of Corus-range cleaning units

Cleaned glass moulds in a row
Glass moulds: Left: before washing, middle: cleaned with ultrasound, on the right: sand-blasted

Technical details and benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

Examples of maintenance cleaning applications


  • Filters, sieves, heat exchangers
  • Vehicle repair: carburetors, chains, nozzles, cylinder heads, filters
  • Mechanical industry: bearings, blades, nozzles, valves, sensors
  • Process industry: valves, nozzles, sealings, measuring devices, pump parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts
  • Dye, ink, paint, urethane, epoxy removal

Corus HD

  • Plastic injection moulds
  • Glass moulds
  • Die casting moulds
  • Extrusion tools
  • Press tools
  • Punch tools
  • Saw blades, wood cutters

Corus X

  • Items with special dimensions, for example pipes

Included in the cleaning units

  • Wash basket – safe parts handling
  • Hinged tank lid – contains vapour, sound, and heat
  • Pneumatic lid actuation – enhances operator safety
  • Bath maintenance options – extend bath life and cleaning quality
  • Ventilation rim – reduces exposure to vapours
  • Noise suppression kit – reduces sound level by up to 10 dB
  • Rinse module – enables rinsing off detergent and contamination residues for a clean and safe result
  • Air bubble agitation for rinse tank – increases rinsing efficiency

Main benefits in industrial maintenance cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning has many advantages in industrial maintenance cleaning

  • Fast and powerful – saves time and labour
  • Gentle – non-abrasive to the base material
  • Precise – cleans also complex structures with holes and channels
  • Environmentally friendly – low energy and water consumption
  • Ergonomic – user-friendly design
  • Safe – controlled cleaning process in an enclosed space

Achieve a high level of cleanliness

Remove stubborn dry or wet contamination from metallic surfaces yet being gentle and non-abrasive to the base material. Ultrasonic cleaning replaces the heavy mechanical work done by the operator.

  • Modular – The modules can be tailor made according to current needs.
  • Safe and pleasant working environment with good ergonomics and low noise level.

Corus-range model informationCorusCorus HDCorus X
Tank dimensions (mm)min. 300 x 538 x 442(h)
max. 1208 x 800 x 658 (h)
min. 400 x 250 x 400 (h)
max. 1200 x 700 x 900(h)
bespoke solutions
Max load (kg)100 - 350100 - 2000
Filling volume (liters)135 -1200135 - 2200
Ultrasonic effect (kW)1,2 - 4,81,2 - 12

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