FinnSonic Corus Activa

FinnSonic Corus Activa

Optimized for industrial maintenance cleaning of complex parts

A robust integrated load platform makes loading and unloading of parts easy and safe. The platform also provides dunking movement during treatment cycle, which results in faster and more uniform cleaning. It cleans gently the hardest impurities from complex parts with only the minimal manual intervention. The cleaning process is safe in an enclosed space. It is also environmentally friendly with no need for harsh chemicals and with low energy and water consumption.

Features of FinnSonic Corus Activa cleaning units

Technical details and benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

Examples of maintenance cleaning applications

  • Filters, sieves, heat exchangers
  • Vehicle repair: turbochargers, cylinder heads, gearbox parts
  • Mechanical industry: bearings, blades, nozzles, valves, sensors
  • Process industry: valves, nozzles, seals, measuring devices, pump parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts

Powerful maintenance cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely useful method for industrial maintenance cleaning

  • Fast – cleans even the hardest impurities from complex parts with minimal manual intervention
  • Gentle – non-abrasive to the base material
  • Safe – controlled process in an enclosed space without splashing
  • Environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals, low energy and water consumption

Safe and easy operation

  • The load platform makes the handling easy
  • An insulated lid keeps the heat in the tank
  • Pneumatic actuation (optional) of the lid makes the operation safe and comfortable

Parts are loaded with the platform in the upper position. Platform is lowered with
two-hand safety controls. Lid is closed manually. Treatment is started by pressing
the start button. After treatment the lid is opened manually, and the platform is
raised with two-hand safety control for the unloading of parts.

Options for FinnSonic Corus Activa

  • Pneumatic actuation of the lid (Corus Activa 240 and 360) – adds to the safety and comfort of the operation
  • Rim lip ventilation with extraction fan – reduces exposure to vapors and heat
  • Closed loop circulation with P1S or P2S bag filter – increases bath life and improves cleanliness result
  • Extended storage weir with circulation pump – enables skimming of oil from tank surface avoiding recontamination of parts when lifting out

FinnSonic Corus Activa modelsCorus Activa 240Corus Activa 360Corus Activa 480
Load platform dimensions (mm)800 x 500 x 400 (h)1100 x 600 x 400 (h)1250 x 700 x 650 (h)
Load capacity (kg)250250500
Filling volume (liters)409498898
Ultrasonic effect (nominal, kW)2,43,64,8

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