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The process solutions can be chosen from our standard machines or made precisely for your company’s needs. Let’s discuss more about your cleaning process needs.

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Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Cost-effective removal of contamination from complicated parts’ surfaces.

FinnSonic MI-range

Fast and compact solution to industrial parts cleaning needs. Made for demanding maintenance cleaning conditions and heavy use, while easy to operate and maintain.

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FinnSonic Corus

Designed for both the general industrial maintenance cleaning and for mould and tool cleaning. Corus units cleans even the most demanding parts efficiently and saves working hours, yet still achieving a high level of cleanliness.

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FinnSonic Corus Activa

FinnSonic Corus Activa is optimized for industrial maintenance cleaning of complex parts. The cleaning units have a robust integrated load platform to make loading and unloading of parts easy and safe.

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FinnSonic Corus Bravea

Designed for industrial parts cleaning, made easy with a single tank and powerful ultrasonic technology. Parts up to 1000kg can be cleaned safe and easy with top quality results.

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FinnSonic Sonett

A wealth of cleaning techniques in a compact package. The combination of the cleaning techniques provide unique benefits when cleaning bulk materials or components with complex geometries with blind holes and small clearances.

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