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FinnSonic offers complete process solutions.

The process solutions can be chosen from our standard machines or made precisely for your company’s needs. Let’s discuss more about your cleaning process needs.

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Ultrasonic cleaning line

Turnkey process solutions for a variety of industries demanding multi-stage cleaning processes. The cleaning lines can be adjusted and configured with the desired wash, rinse, and drying stages, as well as with ancillary equipment for an optimal match with your requirements for cleanliness. Full automation for material handling and process control is available for reaching the highest productivity.

FinnSonic Optima

Heavy duty component cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries. Bespoke designs are provided for stringent requirements for cleanliness, material handling and highest volume throughputs. Both manual and fully automatic solutions are available with wide range of options.

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FinnSonic Versa Genius+

Precision cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries. The line can be constructed from a single manually operated unit to a fully automatic multi-stage line. All lines are based on robust treatment tank modules.

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FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic

Designed specifically for the critical cleaning of Engine Mainshaft Bearings. FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic cleaning system, and its high-quality cleaning process, facilitates a strong and robust Bearing management program.

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