Precision cleaning

Cleanliness ensures reliable operation in manufacturing industry

Particle cleanliness requirements adhering to international standards have been specified for many components in today’s manufacturing industries. Cleanliness ensures that the equipment operates reliably. The presence of large particles can in some cases cause a complete equipment failure, while small particle contamination causes wear and reduces the equipment’s life time. FinnSonic can provide an optimised cleaning solution that matches your requirements concerning maximum particle size and the distribution of small particles.

Automated multistage cleaning process

Precision cleaning in large volumes typically demands a multistage, automated process. A higher level of particle cleanliness can be achieved with multistage cleaning lines where the particles do not accumulate in the final and clean washing stages of the cleaning process. In single-chamber cleaning machines there is a risk that particles will accumulate in the cleaning chamber and lead to a poor cleaning result.

Powerful cleaning techniques are used to remove the particles from the object’s surfaces. Washing and rinsing liquid is filtered to keep the baths clean and lower liquid consumption.

Ultrasonic cleaning has a unique capability to remove even the smallest particles that other cleaning techniques leave untouched.

The actual configuration of the washing, rinsing and drying stages of the cleaning process is configured according to customer requirements concerning the level of cleanliness and volume throughput.

Better process solution?

FinnSonic offers complete process solutions.

The process solutions can be chosen from our standard machines or made precisely for your company’s needs. Let’s discuss more about your cleaning process needs.

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Precision cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries. The line can be constructed from a single manually operated unit to a fully automatic multi-stage line. All lines are based on robust treatment tank modules.


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