Glass Mould Cleaning

Save on costs and get better quality in container glass mould cleaning

Update the traditional slow and labour-intensive mould cleaning to easy, safe, and cost-effective way of cleaning container glass moulds. Ultrasonic removes stubborn contamination from metallic surfaces yet being gentle and non-abrasive on the base material. You can get 40% cost savings in mould maintenance compared to traditional methods.

Pin vents are easy to clean

The tiny pin vents are no longer laborious to clean. With ultrasonic technology, you can reach up to 95% unclogging of pin vents with FinnSonic technology.

Get excellent result to cleanliness of your glass moulds. Ultrasonic cleaning removes both dry and wet contamination:

  • Burnt-on-swapping compounds
  • Oxide
  • Graphite
  • Polishing media residues

Ultrasonic cleaning is effective for mould parts made of cast iron, bronze and stainless steel. It cleans ornaments, cavities, cooling and vacuum channels as well as pin vents on mould halves, bottom plates, baffles, plungers, neck rings and guider rings.

Up to 40% cost saving in mould maintenance

  • Intelligent control system saves energy, water and chemicals
  • Powerful ultrasonic technology ensures clean moulds
  • Quality of end product is improved with less rejects
  • Pin vents are cleaned with up to 95% of unclogging
  • High level of operator safety and less lifting of heavy objects
  • Automatic process control ensures constant quality with ease of operation
  • Designed for heavy objects
  • Extensive range of equipment and options for different cleaning needs
  • Capacity up to 500 moulds per shift
Cleaned glass moulds in a row
Glass moulds: Left: before washing, middle: cleaned with ultrasound, on the right: sand-blasted

Less is more with FinnSonic

  • Less work accidents and medical claims
  • Less mould wear and tear
  • Less quality issues
  • Less energy required
  • Less product rejects

Better process solution?

FinnSonic offers complete process solutions.

The process solutions can be chosen from our standard machines or made precisely for your company’s needs. Let’s discuss more about your cleaning process needs.

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FinnSonic Optima is the top-of-the-line, high performance ultrasonic cleaning line. Its proven construction meets stringent requirements for cleanliness, productivity, and reliability. The flexible automation adapts to processing of different materials, sizes, and contamination.

Precision cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries. The line can be constructed from a single manually operated unit to a fully automatic multi-stage line. All lines are based on robust treatment tank modules.
Heavy duty component cleaning solutions for manufacturing industries. Bespoke designs are provided for stringent requirements for cleanliness, material handling and highest volume throughputs. Both manual and fully automatic solutions are available with wide range of options.


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