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FinnSonic products for optimizing your processes

Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Cost-effective removal of contamination from complicated parts’ surfaces.

Ultrasonic Cleaning lines

Turnkey process solutions for a variety of industries demanding multi-stage cleaning processes. The cleaning lines can be adjusted and configured with the desired wash, rinse, and drying stages, as well as with ancillary equipment for an optimal match with your requirements for cleanliness.

Full automation for material handling and process control is available for reaching the highest productivity.

NDT / FPI lines

NDT solutions for the aviation manufacturing industry and in MRO. Suitable for inspecting and cleaning aerostructures, engine parts, wheel hubs, brakes and landing gear parts.

Safe, traceable, and repeatable process solutions, either automated or manual operation or a combination. Flexible automation, integrated wastewater handling and extraction systems create cost savings for process chemicals, labour, and energy consumption.

NDT/FPI lines are always build for the customer need, using FinnSonic Optima line as the base. The process solutions and cleaning/inspection lines are turnkey solutions.

FinnSonic services for maintaining your cleaning processes.

FinnSonic services for maintaining your cleaning processes

Modernization – Retrofit

Turn your FinnSonic cleaning line more environmentally friendly and save energy.

Modernizing a cleaning or FPI line is fast and worthwhile. Retrofit can save energy, environment, and increase productivity. Safety-related factors can also be upgraded to meet today’s standards.


FinnSonic Cavitec is a high performance, economical, safe washing chemical for ultrasonic cleaning.

The right detergent plays a key role in achieving the desired level of cleanliness. Our applications expertise and process testing services will define the right process, equipment, and detergents for your needs.

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