First Dedicated Automated Engine Bearing Cleaning System 


FinnSonic is pleased to announce the launch of our latest high technology automated dedicated FinnSonic TEMPO AEROMATIC Aircraft Engine Bearing Cleaning Line equipment.

Bearing cleaning in ultrasonic tank

The overhaul of Aircraft Engine Mainshaft Bearing is an important regulated operation in the Aero Engine Overhaul process. Over the last 50 years the FAA/NASA developed process has been adopted by the Commercial Aviation community as a safe and cost-effective means of the restoring high value Mainshaft Engine Bearing performance to the “as new” condition. The overhaul of bearings provides savings of 53-82% of the cost of a new bearing, repair yields are as high as 90% of bearings removed.

The first and most important stage of the overhaul cycle is the cleaning of the bearing components which influences the quality of the critical inspection process. For many years the cleaning process has not changed until NOW.
Vesa Nurminen, the Chairman/CEO of FinnSonic Oy, stated “Working with our Aviation experts we became aware of the critical cleaning requirements during the overhaul of the Aero Engine Mainshaft Bearings. Our challenge was how we can upgrade the cleaning process to meet the exacting quality inspection standards first time and every time. Some of these engine bearings weigh up to 120kg and can cost over $150,000. Working with the commercial airlines engine shops and the engine OEM’s we developed an Ultrasonic Cleaning solution that met the quality and operational standards”

Nurminen added “The FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic, a five stage cleaning process, is the first dedicated Ultrasonic Bearing Line designed to clean bearing components, regardless of design, size or complexity first time every time. A recent industry survey, of over 20 global Engine Overhaul facilities, provided evidence that compared to traditional bearing cleaning process the use of the
process provided a 19% increase in the after inspection Return to Service rate, reduced cleaning process cycle time by 68%. With the process being fully automated, with no human handling during the process, work related injuries was eliminated”.

The FinnSonic bearing cleaning system has been in use by the Engine OEM and Airline MRO shops for about 5 years. The new fully automated FinnSonic TEMPO AEROMATIC system is the future of Engine Mainshaft Bearing Cleaning system.

FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic

Designed specifically for the critical cleaning of Engine Mainshaft Bearings. FinnSonic Tempo Aeromatic cleaning system, and its high-quality cleaning process, facilitates a strong and robust Bearing management program.

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