FinnSonic’s CEO Changes During the Strong Growth


FinnSonic’s new CEO Jukka Rantanen will be starting in his new position on August 29th, 2022. Mr. Rantanen’s customer and market-oriented approach will strengthen the in-house processes and support the international brand and customer experience.

FinnSonic's new CEO Jukka Rantanen

FinnSonic’s strong growth opens up continues new opportunities. However, global component shortage and increases in material prices and subcontracting costs are limiting the growth. New CEO Jukka Rantanen will ensure the ongoing growth of FinnSonic by bringing along a vision of modern cooperation network, international marketing, and industrial optimization. Jukka Rantanen’s experience in process management, implementation of change programs, as well as presence and motivating leadership creates opportunities for FinnSonic’s potentials to refine. 

FinnSonic aims to broaden the presence on every market sector and the international aviation industry seems to be investing a great deal now. FinnSonic’s intelligent FPI combined with ultrasonic cleaning is successfully aviation markets. Also, electronic and health technology companies are investing in higher cleaning standards. 

FinnSonic’s current CEO and majority owner will shift to take over the board as full-time chairman, focusing on finding new growth paths and ensuring the means for sustainability projects. 

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