FinnSonic Oy Receives Order from Chinese Aviation Group HNA


FinnSonic Oy has received a significant Automated Fluorescent Penetrant (FPI) Line order from Haikou Engine Service, a subsidiary of HNA. Due to the rapid recovery in air traffic, the Chinese company is investing heavily in new technology for its new General Electric Engine Overhaul Facility to be located in Hainan Province, China. The facility has selected the best global process technologies to make this facility World Class and at the forefront of Chinese MRO activities.

The selection comes after an intense bidding and evaluation process that considered technical and regulatory compliance, financial & commercial (price/cost of ownership), local after sales support and the feedback from other major Airline MRO’s and the OEM who support this platform. The equipment is due to be delivered on site in summer 2023 in line with the facility capability development schedule. This green field “state of the art” facility will support the HNA Group fleet of GE GEnx engines fitted to their fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s. FPI inspection is a critical part of engine maintenance and safety.

“We have systematically built our aviation expertise. This is the all-time largest single order we have received, and it proves our capabilities are high. With the removal of Covid -19 restrictions, the demand for leisure and business aviation grows strongly, especially in the USA and Asia. Airlines are increasing their capacity and this is seen as strong growth in the aviation serving industries,” Vesa Nurminen, Owner of FinnSonic Oy, comments with satisfaction.

According to Mr. Nurminen, FinnSonic is a long-term technology developer of the FPI inspection process for engines manufactured by GE Aviation. In addition to engine manufacturers, FinnSonic’s aviation customers include airlines and aircraft manufacturers, such as Lufthansa, Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Saab, Boeing, and Safran. The FPI Line now being delivered to Haikou Engine Service includes an automated FPI Line for small parts such as jet turbine blades and a manual line for inspecting larger parts.

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