FinnSonic Oy announces new leadership

CEO Vesa Nurminen

FinnSonic`s current CEO, Tea Lehto has been recruited to a new CEO assignment in another industry. She will start this new chapter of her life on September 15th, 2018. As the CEO, Tea has successfully managed FinnSonic`s business and operations since 2010. Under her management, FinnSonic has grown from a knowledgeable international ultrasonic cleaning supplier to a comprehensive global provider of intelligent ultrasonic cleaning and FPI solutions in various industries, including aviation.

The Chairman of the Board, Vesa Nurminen will take responsibility as the CEO starting September 1st, 2018. Vesa has worked closely with Tea since 2013 and he has not only worked with FinnSonic`s strategy, but has also actively participated in managing sales and observed the daily operations of the business. Vesa will continue as Chairman alongside his new position as CEO

The company`s Board of Directors will not undergo any changes as a result of this shift in responsibilities. Taavi Hiltunen and Jukka-Pekka Korja will continue serving as experienced and knowledgeable board members.

There will be no changes in FinnSonic`s operational management. The organisation will continue as efficiently as it has been with Timo Laatunen as the Director of Operations, Pasi Vähäkuopus as the Director of Technology, and Jani Helviö as the Financial Manager.

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