FinnSonic licensed supplier for GE Aviation


New co-operation agreement with GE Aviation gives FinnSonic additional boost to the international aviation markets.

FinnSonic creates success on the growing aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul markets

GE Aviation, the world’s leading manufacturer of jet engines, has signed a long-term license agreement with FinnSonic. For 35 years, FinnSonic has supplied a significant amount of cleaning and fluorescent penetrant inspection solutions for aviation component manufacturing and maintenance.

The agreement allows GE, its partners and FinnSonic greater cooperation in the global MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) projects and equipment acquisitions. GE Aviation and its partners will gain access to modern and competitive cleaning and fluorescent penetrant inspection technology through FinnSonic.

”GE Aviation requires strict industry qualifications, and we were chosen as partner for cooperation based on those qualifications,” says Tea Lehto, CEO of FinnSonic. ”We want to offer them reliable and modern solutions and strengthen our presence on international markets. We are helping our clients to make cleanliness a success factor. ”

Networking for growth

FinnSonic has co-operated with Galvatek Oy since 2010. The cooperation focuses on the shared CE4MRO concept which offers customers a comprehensive solution or the choice of the required technology from the existing product range.

Despite environmental and fuel-related threats, air traffic is predicted to grow annually by approximately 4-5 percent in the long term, causing the size of the fleets and the manufacturing and maintenance markets to grow.

CE4MRO has already proven its competitiveness on the international markets. CE4MRO will be showcased next at the Aero Engineering Show in Birmingham, UK in November.

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