Quality certification

FinnSonic welder at work, making quality casings for ultrasonic transducers.

FinnSonic maintains and develops a certified, ISO 9001:2015 standard-compliant quality system.

Our procedures also meet the requirements set out in standards ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2.

Kiwa certified ISO 9001

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To know more about our quality and how we maintain it, please contact our sales team.

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Code of conduct

FinnSonic is committed to upholding best business practice in all its business operations and operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. These principles apply to all our personnel, regardless of their duties or position within our organization. We also expect that our partner organizations operate in a responsible fashion, too.

We are trustworthy and value equality. We are constantly looking to develop our operational practices and processes in order to further improve the experiences of our customers and ensure the future of our company.

We comply with legislation
We comply with all current legislation and international agreements. We adhere to the mandates laid out by the Competition Act (948/2011), as well as the restrictions relating to the import and export of goods and intellectual property rights. Our company expressly forbids the receipt of gifts, bribery, or any other means of corruption.

We respect human rights
We do not tolerate any form of physical, verbal, or psychological abuse or any other means of harassment or discrimination. We do not accept or condone the use of enforced or child labor under any circumstances.

Our responsibility as an employer
We treat our employees fairly and equally. We respect freedom of association and the privacy of every employee. We provide a safe and comfortable working environment and strive to maintain our employees’ ability to work. Our goal is to prevent accidents and reduce health and safety risks in the workplace.

We treat customer and personal information as private and confidential
We handle customer information appropriately. We will not handle or disclose any business secrets in such a way as to breach contractual agreements. We comply with the EU Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We minimize our impact on the environment
We comply with environmental legislation and practices that protect the environment. We also consider the environment in every aspect of our product development and our goal is to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment we manufacture.

These principles of good business practice have been approved by FinnSonic Oy’s Management Team on 23.4.2019. The Management Team may review and update these policies as necessary.

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