Advantages of ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic cleaning removes the toughest impurities from surfaces with ease and no manual labour

Hard on grime, gentle on component surfaces

Ultrasound is sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing.

During ultrasonic cleaning, the part to be cleaned is immersed into liquid detergent, and ultrasonic vibrations are then transmitted into the liquid. This creates cavitation bubbles which remove even the toughest impurities from surfaces.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

In many cases ultrasonic cleaning is a superior alternative when compared to other cleaning methods. At times it may be the only suitable cleaning solution.

  • fast – short cycle times
  • powerful – cleans even the hardest impurities effectively
  • pervasive – cleans all surfaces that come into contact with liquid, even in complex structures featuring holes and channels
  • precise – removes even the smallest particles down to micron scale
  • versatile – works well with a wide range of different chemicals
  • environmentally friendly – a water-based and energy-efficient process

Watch our video below to see how ultrasonic removes dirt

When to choose ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a well-proven cleaning method for hundreds of needs. Some of its properties make it especially suitable for certain applications, such as:

  • removing resistant mechanical impurities: polishing paste, microchips, burnt-on carbon
  • use on sensitive materials: electronics, jewellery, polished surfaces, instruments
  • complex parts: electronics, hydraulic parts, aviation parts, complex castings
  • high degree of cleaning: electronics, medical instruments, aviation parts, space technology, military applications, foodstuffs industry
  • high degree of automation: continuous industrial production, short cycle time, heavy cleaning objects, expensive or sensitive parts, hazardous chemicals, demanding cleaning processes, uniform quality requirements, etc.
  • short cycle time: demand for high capacity, cleaning wire, strip etc. in a continuous process, sensitive materials

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