40-year-old FinnSonic participates in afforestation in Africa 


FinnSonic is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

“I am proud of FinnSonic and its personnel. We have grown from a small workshop to a significant global player. About 80% of our net sales are exported. We have gained a solid position on both the industrial ultrasonic washing and the fluorescent penetrant inspection”, says Vesa Nurminen, Chairman of the Board.

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To celebrate the anniversary year, we will participate in the reforestation with our partner Shadeshares in Kenya in the village of Oyugis, near the port town of Kisumu. At the end of April, the villagers planted 400 of our named nursery seedlings, among others eucalyptus, silkwood, hawthorn and flame tree seedlings. These seedlings help to prevent erosion and to create conditions for a viable framework for the local population.

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