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Cleaning 30 million parts per year

FinnSonic provides a solution for cleaning complex stainless steel parts after stamping in automotive industry.
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Sustainable cleaning process

Sustainable cleaning process to save water and detergents, all while making the workers ergonomics better.
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High precision cleaning in clean room assembly

Cleaning of mechanical precision parts for clean room assembly require constant and high level of cleanliness. FinnSonic equipment delivers the…
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FinnSonic cleaning line has served us for years and it is in daily use. FinnSonic’s ultrasonic cleaners have proven their reliable operation even under heavy wear, and we are very satisfied. I can recommend FinnSonic’s ultrasonic cleaning devices to anyone looking for durable equipment.

– Jyrki Timonen,
Neste Oil

We have always been very satisfied with the results we achieve with FinnSonic ultrasonic cleaners. With the help of FinnSonic, we have been able to clean everything we wanted, regardless of the shape, material or type of dirt. Excellent washing results are the main reason why we trust FinnSonic’s ultrasonic cleaners and their commitment to cleanliness.

– Ulf Hildén,
ABB Finland


parts cleaning

During ultrasonic cleaning, the part to be cleaned is immersed into liquid detergent, and ultrasonic vibrations are then transmitted into the liquid. This creates cavitation bubbles which remove even the toughest impurities from surfaces.

In many cases ultrasonic cleaning is a superior alternative when compared to other cleaning methods. At times it may be the only suitable cleaning solution.

  • fast – short cycle times
  • powerful – cleans even the hardest impurities effectively
  • pervasive – cleans all surfaces that come into contact with liquid, even in complex structures featuring holes and channels
  • precise – removes even the smallest particles down to micron scale
  • versatile – works well with a wide range of different chemicals
  • environmentally friendly – a water-based and energy-efficient process


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